I saw Citizen Kane for first the time yesterday

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While I am sure everyone is aware of the rave the movie gets, I was genuinely surprised at how plain watchable it was. I had been psyched by stuff I've heard that it's difficult to appreciate because its innovations have since been widely adopted blah blah blah but I only realized afterwards that it was two hours and not 90 minutes long.

I admit that I only gave the movie a go after I was going to watch The Simpsons episode Rosebud, which is a pastiche of the film and I thought I really ought to see the original.

Besides, now I know what the "Citizen Kane of X" comparisons are about.


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mm_ wrote

oh good to know, i remember liking it too, i should watch it again sometime. i guess the only old thing ive watched recently is The Third Man (starring Orson Welles) and I loved it too in a way I wasn't expecting. I wonder how our stuff now will hold up later, I don't even have much of a desire to rewatch like Breaking Bad or Mad Men or whatever our supposed prestige shows are etc but idk


onevest wrote

:0 now you're getting me wanting to watch it. it sounds terrific


Moonside wrote

The core of it is a relatively simple story of a privileged and faulty man's rise and fall. We the audience never quite get the final view of what he was like, but that is part of the point. I read some one star reviews from common folk afterwards and based on them I'd say that if you can accept faulty protagonists who never wisen up, Citizen Kane is for you too. Give it a shot.


onevest wrote

:0 now you're getting me wanting to watch it. it sounds terrific