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Fangren wrote

good luck! I sure wish I had a game store near me that I could go to.


Fangren wrote

so, how did you do?


toasthaste wrote (edited )

I won 3 packs and won most of my games! I've never gone to a prerelease(or any sanctioned event) before EVER so I would have been perfectly content losing as long as it was fun matches! But I got to WIN and ALSO have fun matches! Everyone was super friendly but not like, weird about it?

Also I'd never been to that game store before but it was SUPER nice, my friends swear by it and now I see why. It had this HUGE back room for games with tons of people in it playing various things. There was something going on with some miniatures games over on one side, several mtg pods going semi-simultaneously, and then a handful of people just hanging out. overall like probably 50 people in a room with space for like... 200 at LEAST. Just a really great time, I felt welcomed, was kinda thriving in the group environment(turns out I'm more of an extrovert than my anxiety has led me to believe) and am definitely gonna plan to go back for every prerelease for the foreseeable future.

---------mtg cards talk past this point--------

I wound up with a blue/white flying-ish deck with and (which I drew in NEARLY EVERY GAME HOO BOY THAT FELT GOOD). Also splashed black for but I don't think I ever actually got to cast it (or even drew it? I forget). The deck came together really well thankfully, my red and green were both weak as hell so I didn't even have to really waste time considering them (which is good cause I've never had to build a deck on a time limit before, I finished with like one whole minute to spare D:)

I went uhhhh 5 and 2, I guess? I forget how the terminology works. won 2-0 against my first two opponents, then went 1-2 in my last match against this guy with the most ABSURD DECK I HAVE EVER SEEN (HE HAD 2 FOR ONE FUCKIN THING). He was a super good sport though (everyone was) and I mostly just had fun hamming up how outrageous his deck was. And I was responsible for the single game loss he experienced for the entire event so I take SOME pride in that :P