Update: I got a console game pad with my PC for use for gaming and desktop use, but it was weird getting it to work

Submitted by Moonside in just_post

My brother gave me his PS3 as a hand me down console along with a handful of games, which is genuinely ace as I haven't had a console for ages. The last one I played was PS2. I wanted to set up the Dualshock 3 for use with emulator console games and some desktop use as well.

I succeeded after a two hour fight, getting it work both wireful and wireless. The supposed easiest route was to install abandonware that lets Windows pretend that the controller is infact a Xbox 360 controller, but abandoned the abandonware itself for an older version of the same software which worked well. I only was pointed into the right direction when I finally watched a YouTube video instead of reading guides from supposedly reputable sources. (Maybe YouTube is less gameable than Google search, who knew?)

I wanted to use the pad for some repetitive button pushing tasks that I need to do for revising flash cards. This was possible through Steam, of all things, as it lets you use game pads as mice and keyboards which is something that Windows doesn't let you do natively. I got the hint from a random Reddit thread giving advice on using the Xbox One controller as mouse.

All in all, I think it's so weird that using game pads as input devices is so difficult in 2019, but it works as a desktop pointer, Steam and emulator games so I'm glad I got it sorted out. Definitely use something else than Dualshock 3, if you have any choice, though.


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oakreef wrote

yeah like holly said ps3 controllers are awful to get working with windows. Dualshock 4 is a lot easier and you can use the trackpad as a mouse and steam has full support for it so when you use the controller mapping stuff it shows the right image and buttons instead of an xbox style controller.


Dogmantra wrote

Oh hey idk if Steam lets you use a gamepad for keyboard & mouse input on non-steam stuff, but there's a great program called Joy2Key that lets you emulate a keyboard/mouse with a game pad!


hollyhoppet wrote

yeah... ps3 controllers are infamous one of the harder controllers to get going on windows :P

steam's controller stuff is really great though


Moonside wrote

lol I was completely unaware of the reputation, for the good it seems as I wouldn't have bothered to try if I knew about it.