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mm_ wrote

Prompt: Sonic looked up at the mystic ruins.

Completion: "They've gotta be something very special. They're beautiful, right? Something with magic to it."

Sonic stared back, a silent expression on his face. "But they've got these... oddities that make them... strange. Where are they from, I don't know. Is there something about them that drives them to do things they don't want to do?"

"Not really," the black dragon replied. "Just that the stories of these beings often do."

"They do that to make them seem more dangerous," another dragon said. "Which drives some of the magic they create deeper."

"It's not about the power, Sonic," the first said softly. "It's about the spirit. The source of it. What does that feel like to you?"

"I think it's weird to be able to feel it for anything except myself, but that's how it feels." The other dragon continued, "So we'd just been told, so many times—that no