no amount of software engineering discipline has prepared me for this great trial: interdisciplinary research projects with people who have little experience coding

Submitted by 1vs in just_post

tests? documentation? descriptive variable names? best practices, even good practices? avoiding things considered harmful (such as global variables)? communication? conceptualization of big-o runtime? effective use of git? effective use of whitespace? folder structure?


only pain


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no_defun_allowed wrote

tbf the computering professor i know hasn't a clue how git works past push, pull, add, commit and diff, and neither do i


1vs wrote

oh same. there are a few other neat features i know about (like a tool to help with binary-searching for a specific commit that introduces a bug) but i'd have to google those.

but they don't know how to use those properly is the thing :c and i can't blame them, they're not software engineers, but still, aaaa