Conspiracies that i don't believe, but if i found out that there was proof I'd be totally unsurprised by.

Submitted by flabberghaster in just_post

I can 100% understand antivaxers to be fully honest. We all know that drug companies do lie to us constantly and the FDA is completely regulatory captured. Why wouldn't you be skeptical?

Also... We know the government used to sell weapons to terrorists and right wing governments in central America and got paid in drugs, which they sold in the US. They do this stuff constantly. So if we found out that 9/11 was actually an inside job after all, i would be like... Yeah that makes sense. That seems like something they'd do.


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devtesla wrote

conspiracies piss me off because we live in a world stacked towards the rich, with all these awful things in plain sight, but people instead focus on shit that's obviously not true. I think people prefer them because they have an order to them when real life is chaotic. Read a book instead if you want that but please leave real life alone.


TreesWithHumanFaces wrote

I dated someone who turned out to be a conspiracy theorist once and it seemed like it was in large part about feeling like she knew something that other people were blind to.


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

Most anti-vaxxers probably didn't have to live through polio and it's kind of fucked up that now their kids might


flabberghaster wrote

Yeah i mean it's bad obviously. I guess im just saying like.... I mean i can see why people would be skeptical. Idk how to actually address this without feeding in to it more tho


mm_ wrote

yea i get these and i did sort of buy into 9/11 conspiracy in hs


flabberghaster wrote

The antivax one i actually would be surprised by but i guess im saying i can easily understand why people would believe it.