twitter of babel

Submitted by 1vs in just_post

  • very tall library with 1024 floors
  • each floor is very large and is supported by tall columns. there are 4096 x 4096 of them
  • each column has 4 walls
  • each wall has 1024 shelves
  • each shelve has 512 boxes
  • each box has 4096 organized memory chips
  • each memory chip can store 137438953472 tweets (2**37)
  • each tweet has 140 characters from an alphabet of 32. (26 latin letters + punctuation). There are 2**700 possible tweets
  • there would need to be 6.331658277711476*10**175 libraries to store all these tweets

map 2**700 integer numbers to letters, each tweet is generated using this wacky usenix non-repeating PRNG https://www.usenix.org/legacy/publications/library/proceedings/usenix99/full_papers/deraadt/deraadt_html/node17.html , and u got urself a neat little program


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