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bunnies wrote

I am far from a fashion person, but when it comes to men's clothes for $200, here's what I would do:

$100: A nice pair of skinny jeans, with fairly thick fabric. The ones with thin, stretchy fabric will feel great, but they tear quickly. In my experience, you can just walk into a shop with jeans, tell them what you're looking for, and they will set you up.

$30: An ok dress shirt, to wear tucked into the jeans for nicer occasions. You won't get the great stuff at this price point unfortunately, so look for sales. The important thing here is that you feel comfortable wearing it, but if you're not that into dress shirts you might need to convince yourself.

$40: 2-4 t-shirts, with a shape and print that you like

$30: A nice sweater


1vs wrote

ooh i like this. I found some jeans that were super nice but $90, it's good to know that is a reasonable cost for jeans! thank you for your perspective