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I'm gonna come under a lot of fire for this one but like...

I think Sri Racha is overrated.

In every food category one might use sri racha for there is a better alternative.

Stir fries? Chili paste or hot oil or chili paste in hot oil. Gochujong. Hell just cooking with red pepper flakes I think is better and imparts a more satisfying heat.

Grilled meats? A nice spice rub beats it plenty. If you want a wetter sauce you're better off with a garlic chili paste or maybe a spicy barbecue sauce. Not to mention all the billion hot sauces out there made just for barbecue. Now that I think about it to be honest sri racha is to garlic chili paste as taco sauce is to salsa.

Eggs? Cholula, tapatio, tobasco, salsa.

The only thing I think sri racha stands on an even playing field with other hot sauces is macaroni and cheese but I feel that's more due to how forgiving mac and cheese is.

If you need to unfollow me for this then so be it but I had to make it known.


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anand wrote

thank you for saying what needed to be said


musou wrote

i keep a bottle of it in my fridge pretty much exclusively for putting on yakisoba and pad thai.