They should make a grimdark Zelda game

Submitted by Moonside in games

Like things are going shit and Link is so angsty that he doesn't even want to have an adventure anymore. Zelda has to be;like come on Hyrule needs you and Link is like leave me alone we're not even dating anymore, besides do you know how bad father's rights are in your kingdom? And then goblin jump in and Link tortures them to death.

Then there is a jRPG parody that's a metaphor for having to fight all the time. It's like wow I don't peace maaan wish I had a gf.


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neku wrote

i think they just make a zelda game where link is a funny little guy and makes cute expressions like (⊙﹏⊙) like in wind waker


Moonside wrote

Link is dead because he lost to Ganon and now is a ghost who must spook Ganon to make him pee his pants as a revenge.


hollyhoppet wrote

i mean majora's mask kinda is the grimdark zelda game lol