I just want to see the new Tim Rogers video ; _ ;

Submitted by Moonside in games

In case you don't know, he has been having processing issues on YouTube side so the latest video has been in a limbo for like a week or two.

Shit maybe he really is my favorite YouTuber! The [Doom] (https://youtu.be/38zduHkwGcc) and [Tokimeki Memorial] (https://youtu.be/xb-DtICmPTY) videos really do hold up imho. Like I've seen the latter one three times and it was totally worth the 18 hours I've so far spent watching it. It honestly kills me that it remains untranslated as I totally would love to play it more than any other game. Doom video showed that it was possible to say something fresh about such a famous and notorious game.


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toasthaste wrote

I am obsessed with his tokimeki memorial video I've gotten a few friends to watch it even though it's 6 hours long

Is the new one still Cyberpunk? I feel like I remember him saying it'd be out, like, last January lmao. no shame, his shit is good, I'm sure it takes a ton of work


Moonside wrote

I have the fannish itch to share it yet I don't know who would be interested in it. A marvelous thing that is impenetrable by design without being least bit pretentious.

Yup! Apparently there are multiple vids being done in parallel so we should be seeing more content more often in the coming next 11 months at least! Not that Tim has anything to apologize for.


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

i'm watching this now and i'm honestly considering using tokimeki memorial as a way to improve my japanese literacy lmao. and by "now" i mean over the course of this week


Moonside wrote

I am like pretty close to wanting to start learning Japanese just to play Tokimeki Memorial.