twin peaks 4 (lil bit of spoilers)

Submitted by twovests in coffee (edited )

the main character, Agent Dale Cooper, frequently drinks coffee and exclaims "DAMN FINE. THAT'S A DAMN FINE CUP OF BLACK COFFEE RIGHT THERE"

and it's like

are you sure???

that cup of percolator coffee that's been sitting in a pot for four hours is damn fine?

that coffee that was probably brewed with week-old pre-ground folgers??

god i hope this is explained in the later files... dale cooper... please/... expliain....

EDIT: also, the coffee cost 0.25c. taking into account inflation and ecological hardships, one could say that'd be like paying 0.60c for a cup of coffee today.

that is rather cheap for a small cup of coffee in most of the US. this was the 90s though. cooper, you were probably having cheap robusta. do you prefer robusta?!? are you just a caffeine addict or do you really prefer the taste of dry motor oil?


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