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neku wrote

never actually watched this one. not sure this deserved to be a cornerstone of late 2010s comedy


Dogmantra wrote

So I love Justin Kuritzkes's stuff. I have watched all his videos. I have read his novel. He is the only subscription I have on youtube. And yet, I agree. Potion seller is one of his weakest imo. One Hundred Percent A Frog and In Love With A Pizza are both incredible and deserve the recognition far far more than Potion Seller.


toasthaste wrote

just want to say the names of some of his other videos I like. wowza. in a perfect world. thank you for your time (that's not a video title that last one is me)


toasthaste wrote (edited )

i remember not liking it at all when I first saw it, and then somehow time passing aged it incredibly well