impossible goal: get /r/lispmemes more subscribers than /r/rustjerk reddit.com

Submitted by no_defun_allowed in church_of_alonzo_church (edited )

we got 100 subs in 16 hours, it could happen

has this ever happened to you? you go to /r/programmerhumor and all the jokes are complaining about stupid shit like compiler errors and changing shit in production and your server room combusts but none of it is funny or relatable? hi, hayley mays here for /r/lispmemes, the new meme source for lisp programming jokes, you're gonna love it. here's how it works: you load memes using the internet connection of your desktop, and you shit yourself from laughter. but wait, there's more! join right now and we'll include anti-rustacean memes, free, but navigate in the next 20 minutes and we'll include DWIM 2: I'm Out Of Ideas For More Addons Boogaloo, made with pure interlisp oil. here's how to order!


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