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Moonside wrote (edited )

So apparently zillion people agree with you since it is a very popular way of running a website. My hesitation about it is that it might be a bit too heavy for my purposes. My project is such that I could go full web 1.0 and full on just write html+css+javascript in a text editor. I could go that route, but I like some modern conveniences such as tags, archives ordered by date and so on.

With the risk of being pretentious, I'm thinking of Samuel Johnson style affair back when he published short essays as two penny sheets. Or something more contemporary like a xeroxed zine.

In the end I think I will research it and Jekyll and see which one I prefer.


neku wrote

It just seems easier to spin up a wordpress blog instead of having to maintain software on your end just to do the same thing. But if you want penny sheets or xeroxed zines you could probably just print out a couple of copies of your writing and nail them to the front door of your local Alamo Drafthouse for something just as satisfying