Have you told your family about jstpst?

Submitted by KeithPreDramamine in ask

What, were they like, "you are a great child and addition to this family", or were they like, "Yeah, you gun bunk with the rats tonigh"?

I'm thinking about setting up accounts for each one of them before Christmas, and hand multiple pre-bullshit logins out for Christmas presents so they can get jstpst-cred as early adopters. This way they will know where I get my cutting-edge material plus... don't have to buy any presents.

So if you haven't let them know, when will you tell them? What does the jstpst userbase do with their online time?


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hollyhoppet wrote

i told my mom i co-run a small community website (here) but she barely knows how to talk to people online so probably doesn’t really very clearly understand what that means

and my brother has his own circles

also yeah we’re never going to be a big platform, that’s what reddit is for


neku wrote

heavens no


KeithPreDramamine wrote (edited )

So to the whole post...? I always thought well thought out usernames for big platforms was a great idea to give out as gifts. I wouldn't be sad if I got one, all filled out... ready to go.


neku wrote

yeah lol. i dont tell my family about my online stuff in any detail. Online and Offline are completely different realms for me. i would never bring online stuff into my irl life unless it would be anonymous or 100% unrelated to existing relationships, and vice versa feels incredibly inappropriate

moreover i cant imagine jstpst ever being a Big Platform. if jstpst was made to be a Big Website then jstpst would be totally unappealing


srsly wrote

I have a long-running joke with the younger sister of a friend of my sister's, where each Christmas the friend of my sister tries to set me up with her based on the fact that "I run a feminist social network". I'm pretty sure everyone involves knows that thefempire.org is years-dead.