brain meds question

Submitted by hollyhoppet in ask

has anyone else around here taken wellbutrin for anxiety and adhd? starting it tomorrow and curious to know others’ experience with it


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oolong wrote

i was prescribed it for adhd but couldn't take it longer than 2 weeks before the side effects made me feel worse. dry mouth, appetite suppression, couldn't have caffeine. already had issues with disordered eating so it was not a fun time for me


toasthaste wrote (edited )

I've been on it(among other things) for depression and adhd for a while and honestly have never been able to tell whether it actually does anything for me or not lol


devtesla wrote

I had the same kind of experience, I started taking it right as the bad times in my life went to recovery times and I'm not sure if it helped or if it was just things getting better otherwise. No side effects like prozac tho


toasthaste wrote

yeah prozac disabled my ability to care about anything or anyone, was not a great one for me. tho it did allow me to get like two hours straight of dental work done without really minding it. not worth it though!