there's too many good anime this season

Submitted by devtesla in anime4unme

I'm queued up to follow:

  1. Horimiya - A conventional high school romcom but unusually satisfying, looks really good too. There was actual relationship progress even though we're just one episode in
  2. Back Arrow - Fantasy-western robot show, with a nice retro feel. Directed by the Code Geass guy and he's working with the Gurren Lagann writer, so you're getting that emotion robots thing
  3. Kemono Jihen - Supernatural mystery anime about how being a smelly boy is okay
  4. So I'm a Spider, So What? - Isekai about the gross things a cute spider has to do to survive in a monster cave. Protag just kind of rolls with the weird, and there's a meta joke by having other people be reborn as royalty while she's eating like acid frogs
  5. SK8 the Infinity - It's about illegal downhill skateboard wacky races and it absolutely fucking rules. Like this isn't a joke it's genuinely extremely fun and looks amazing
  6. Otherside Picnic - It's Roadside Picnic, the novel that became Tarkovsky movie Stalker and the videogame S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but yuri. It's fucking YURI STALKER
  7. Cells at Work! Black - Cells at Work!, the show about personifications of human body cells, but inside the body of an unhealthy person who smokes and drinks and eats too much. Very bleak, extremely rude, weirdly funny
  9. Yuru Camp!!!! THE GIRLS ARE CAMPING

I'm going to lose my mind it's too much good anime


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devtesla wrote

all this good anime and we're also getting EX-ARM, a legendarily bad anime. it's a live action director working with a VFX company and using raw motion capture, basically what happened with Zemeckis and The Polar Express but at anime budget. truly something for everyone