If you have not watched Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, watch Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Submitted by devtesla in anime4unme (edited )

I can't make coherent paragraphs about Eizouken because I love it too much but here is a list

  • On a basic level it's a semi-episodic series about girls making anime. They have great chemistry, it's wildly watchable, and very funny.

  • It's an anime about anime, that teaches you about how itself was made. For example: scene about sound will make you more conscious about how sound is used episodes later.

  • It's a gorgeous looking show with a young staff, often taking on new responsibilities.

  • Most of the textual drama comes from the material reality of making anime, deadlines and working with partners and such. The show is set decades in the future, and only hints at what the state of the world is like, but I lot of what feels like changes in values and structures comes out in this drama.

  • The show uses flashbacks to illustrate why the girls have decided to make the anime that the decide to make, while also not making it too trite. It makes you wonder about their mental state.

  • The anime the girls make is decided in an interesting way, though largely dealing with anime staples of war machines and fighting. There's a great line early on where one of the girls talks about making a secret base as a kid, filling it with defensive traps, and then saying "I'm not sure what all that was for". The show doesn't make it text, but I feel like the characters are taking the traumas they know are going on in the world and filtering it out through anime.

  • I don't want to spoil the ending but I feel like it takes all this and builds one perfect moment out of it.

  • It makes feel like there is more to hope for in the future.

I love this show so much everyone. Thank you for reading.


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