Some Animes That Are Good, Summer 2019

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Sorry this is kinda late into the season! Good shows follow:

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

Literature club of teenage girls goes through dramatic puberty. It has a light tone with lots of jokes and it breaks a lot of taboos in a way that has mixed success but I don't think goes over the line. There's a healthy distrust of men in this series that I think serves it well lol. It's worth getting mad at

But please Mari Okada never write a gay person falling in love with a straight person again I beg of you

Dr. Stone

Dorky series about a world where everyone gets turned to stone for thousands of years, and the first people to break out includes a science obsessed teenager who wants to rebuild civilization as fast as possible. Very silly mind game stuff with interludes teaching you about things like how to make masonry. Weird mix of impossible nonsense with like, trying to teach you about science, that kind of works I really like it.

Fire Force

It's a standard shonen series that's shockingly well made and full of interesting and evocative visual ideas. You can feel them taking mediocre source material and elevating it into the stratosphere. Watching an action scene in this is like staring directly into the hottest part of a bonfire.

They skipped a week after the KyoAni fire and they're making adjustments to the show out of respect to the tragedy. There's only so much you can do for a show with arsonist villains, though. I'm still enjoying the show but it's something to keep in mind.

Vinland Saga

Historical epic about vikings, specifically vikings who fled to Iceland to escape the violence. Historically rich setting that just also happens to include supermen fighters lol. It's a great manga with a less than great adaptation but most of its virtues come through anyway. There's a deep sweetness under the rough surface and I love that a lot


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