Run With The Wind has an extremely good dog

Submitted by devtesla in anime4unme (edited )

also extremely good running boys

it's about a group of college guys who move into the same building for the very cheap rent and end up being suckered into joining a track and field club. main character has a thorny exterior and also with big sweatness underneath and I love him. there's a guy who lives in a manga fortress and is very sleepy handsome and his story is already like seriously interesting which rules.

it's based on a novel novel and the writing is way more natural than usual for this kind of show, and it wraps up a lot of deep stuff while being very brisk. the main character broods but it never feels laborious it's a good feel. fun fact: the author of the original book also published a scholarly study on boys love she rules and I like the way she writes guys a lot (tho to be clear this probably isn't gonna be more bl than sports usually are).

and yea there's a good dog whom run very fast!!


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Caribou wrote

Yess! It's one of my favorites this season. Prince is the cutest


devtesla wrote

The scene where he talks about how much this manga changed his life and then someone asks to borrow it and he says "buy it yourself"... I love how you pretty much knew who he was exactly then it's so good


Caribou wrote

also his friend had a hammer and sickle shirt and I just think that's kinda funny.


hitto wrote

i just watched the latest episode, gosh this season is so good. gotta admit: i love anime