I love the Double Decker cop boys

Submitted by devtesla in anime4unme

I've betrayed my ideals and love cops now... what have I done ...

The show is good tho, the main pair has very good almost fucking chemistry and they're surrounded by lesbians. They're on the hunt for drugs that turn you into gross monsters and they get in fight scenes with stilly catchphrases. The show conspires to make one of the main duo look stupid (like the narratior constantly calls him an idiot) but I think part of the joke is that Kirill's not really that stupid and the ways he is stupid are relatable. Doug is daddy I love him.

The show has the writer of Tiger and Bunny on board and they're advertising it as more T&B despite the show's plot not really having any connection yet so who knows. It does have some of the same elements but it's starting out stronger. I'm hype to see where it goes!


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hitto wrote

Kirill is such a dweeb, I love him.


hitto wrote

update: at first i thought doug was sorta boring but i take it back, he's a delight. also kinda hot.